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Privacy Policy


Product Returns

Makelettering is the maker of all products that you order and we ship. We are not responsible for any errors made by the customer including: spelling and or typographical and or color errors.

Since what you order is made and customized to your order by us we do not accept any returns or exchanges on your order.

If you receive a product and it is not as you ordered it, send us an email, (within 2 days of receipt of your product and no later), and we will give you return instructions. When we receive your returned product we will inspect it in respect to what you ordered. If it is deemed to be a fault of ours we will remake the item and send it back to you free of charge and we will refund you your original shipping costs. If it is deemed to be fine we will not in any case ever return the customers money back, and we will ship the item back to you.

It is solely the customers responsibility to check their complete order before their purchase.

We double check every order before we ship them, we do this to keep errors in orders as low as possible.

We will not be responsible for mistaken addresses by the consumer, it is the customers responsibility to fill out their correct address for shipping.