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How to order and design a decal


Always measure the height & width of the decal area you are going to put the decal on.


The height is measured from top to bottom.


The width is measured from left to right.


In the height & width drop-down boxes select the measurement in inches that you wish to have your decal made to. As you change the number the decal will change in size on the top display. Please note that the decal starts to change only when you change any of the drop-down boxes.

The way the decal first appears is not to scale. There is a "preview button" and this will give you a look at the decal full scale, it may look grainy due to screen restrictions.


This drop-down box is for reversing the decal. You are purchasing the decal based on how it appears in the display.
"Normal" is how it appears initially.
"Reversing" is for the other side of the car.
By choosing "Normal & Reverse" you receive two decals, (one facing the "normal" way and one facing the "reverse" way). By choosing this you will see the price double for two.


This drop-down box allows you to change the color you wish your decal to be, it will then change to that color.
There are no background colors to any of our decals they are all die-cut from vinyl, (just the decal color).


This is optional, type in the "Enter Text Below" box and it will then appear directly above in the box display. You can change the color and it will display in the box. There are different fonts to choose from in the drop-down box. This lettering decal comes separate from the decal.

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